Kink in the Hose: How Your Liver is Blocking Digestion

It never fails to amaze me how much our body can heal and repair itself given favourable conditions. This is particularly true in gut health where I’ve had the privilege of witnessing dramatic improvements in my patients. When we take a closer look at the causes of indigestion, we often find liver issues are a key contributor. Today, I’d like to shed some light on this common digestive roadblock and what we can do to improve the flow of digestion.

3 Ways Your Gallbladder Issues are Making You Bloated, Tired & Toxic

Unless you’ve had an acute gallbladder attack, you’ve probably never given much thought to your gallbladder. Yet the gallbladder plays a critical role in digestion, energy production, blood sugar balance, weight management, immune system, hormone health. And suboptimal gallbladder function is one of the most common chronic issues we see coming from our modern lifestyle. The more I learn about this system, the more I’m impressed by the sophistication in its design and the far reaching effects it has on our health.

Gut Health 101

Good health starts with great gut health.

I don’t remember when I started to have stomach aches every day. My digestive symptoms started gradually and then became daily, and then turned into seasonal allergies and later into “allergies” all-year-round. Only later did I realize that what I was eating (and how I was eating) was causing my gut symptoms. And only after a lot of studying did I connect my gut health to my immune symptoms. My hope is to help you connect your symptoms to gut health and give you the roadmap to rebuilding a healthy gut.

The Health-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

How tidying up clutter improves your health

Professional organizer, Marie Kondo’s international bestseller The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (2014) and Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (2019) sent a shock wave through our consumer driven culture. Kondo’s signature “tidying up” process applies a sense of ritual and ceremony that we don’t often afford to our spaces and our belongings in the West. She guides us to ask “Does it spark joy?” and to thank the object as we let it go. Through this intentional process of reducing and reorganizing she helps us transform homes to reflect and support the lives we desire. In doing so, she shows how our surroundings, including our “clutter” impact our everyday lives (positively and negatively).

3 Causes of Heavy Periods & Hormone Imbalance in Perimenopause

Do you dread getting your period? For one or two weeks of the month, do you feel like someone else? Irritable, anxious, insomnia, headaches, bloated, heavy? Are you constantly fighting low iron and fatigue? Hormone imbalances can happen gradually over years but can eventually affect every part of our day from work to sleep.

3 Unexpected Ways Epsom Salt Baths Reduce Stress, Fatigue & Toxicity

Epsom salt baths are popular for soothing sore muscles. Many weekend warriors and desk job-workers have experienced the benefits of taking a warm epsom salt bath. But soaking in epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate, has benefits beyond relieving achy muscles. Today I’ll highlight 3 reasons why epsom salt baths are an essential part of my self-care routine - and exactly how to take a mineral-rich epsom salt bath to get the full benefits.

3 Ways Daily Routine Reduces Stress & Builds Resilience

Have you been struggling with stress, anxiety, worry, sleep issues and difficulty fully engaging in your work or relationships? The past year has presented us with constant changes and endless uncertainty. What do we do when we find ourselves being tossed and turned by the storms of life? What can we do when the stressors are beyond our control?

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