True health is the ability to live a meaningful & purposeful life, the ability to choose to do the things that are most important to us.

Carin Matsushita

BSc(Kin), ND, RAc

Because every patient has a unique history, environment and biology I aim to provide patients the space to be direct and the confidence to be honest and heard. Understanding a patient’s whole health is critical to addressing symptoms and achieving optimal wellbeing. Therefore I work with patients to clarify where their symptoms are coming from and address key functions at each phase of recovery. In addition to patients feeling better, over time we work to develop a “toolbox” of strategies for building resilience in themselves and their families. I believe in empowering patients to continuously improve their health so they can fully engage in the things that are most important to them.

My interest in how our bodies function and their incredible potential for healing was established at an early age. As a competitive gymnast constantly pushing my body to and sometimes past its limits, I became well acquainted with all manner of injuries. Through this experience, observing my body recovering time and time again, I gained a profound respect and admiration for the body’s ability to repair and heal itself.

Later in life while traveling abroad I encountered stubborn skin symptoms that my body couldn’t seem to overcome. I sought the advice of doctors and was frustrated by prescriptions that only provided temporary relief and the implication that my body was incapable of overcoming the symptoms I was experiencing.

In my quest for answers I discovered naturopathic medicine and with it gained the knowledge I needed to optimize my individual constitution and experienced lasting improvements in my overall health. Family members also experienced dramatic recoveries from chronic pain and Bells Palsy though Traditional Chinese Medicine where conventional treatment options were limited.

These experiences set me on the path to becoming a naturopathic doctor and shaped the direction and purpose for my life: Work with patients to understand their whole health, empower them with the knowledge to recover function, optimize health and ultimately promote health in their families and communities.

Improving Health Together

A healthy life doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our home and work environment including the culture and people around us strongly influence our health & wellness.

Group learning amplifies the benefits of individual health and wellness initiatives; it enhances performance and productivity while fostering a sense of community. Our programs leverage this synergy, offering accessible solutions ranging from 1-hour virtual group sessions to multi-week interactive workshops.

With our expertise in nutrition, lifestyle, natural health, team building and mind-body connection, your team gains the tools needed to enhance gut health, optimize sleep, manage stress/burnout and boost energy levels. These tailored programs empower individuals to enact positive change within themselves and their communities.

Discover how our employee training sessions can elevate your team's wellbeing and performance.

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Based in Greater Vancouver, Canada.

British Columbia-licensed naturopathic physician. Now seeing patients via telemedicine.

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